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Smash Cakes

Smash Cakes!

I’m pretty sure that at some point in our lives we have all witnessed a baby trying to devour some type of food item all on their own with their bare hands. Usually this is not encouraged by adults as a result of the extreme mess it makes. Food all over their faces, hair, furniture, you name it! However, in the event that a baby does get the opportunity to attack their food, the end results can often be humorous! Parents will often snap pictures of the outcome and post them on social networks so that everyone else can join in the humour.

There is another way to enjoy this type of humour with fewer worries. Two words: Smash cakes!

Smash cakes are personalized cakes often used at the celebration of a first birthday. There will often be a cake for the guests to eat, and a smaller version of the cake made especially for the guest of honor. This cake can be enjoyed by the guest of honor with no rules, and best of all no cutlery is needed! The baby can enjoy their personal cake with their bare hands! However, you still may want to put a large bib on your child if you don’t want them ruining their birthday outfits.

The end result of smash cakes provide for great entertainment and memorable pictures that last a life time!

“Whatever You Do, B•You•Nique.

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